Idea generation

Idea generation

Design optimisation: idea generation

Ricardo has personnel experienced in product design and manufacturing across various industries and can help to identify design alternatives for consideration in cost reduction programs.

We are uniquely able to leverage our 100+ years of deep technical expertise in product design and manufacturing, providing our clients with unparalleled value. In one case, we proposed $29M in annual savings from design changes on 2 automotive transmissions and 3 engines that were incorporated into current and future designs.

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Identification of design alternatives, considering manufacturing, engineering, and other constraints
  • Consider designs and products from products in different industries and from a variety of manufacturing techniques
  • Assess the viability and difficulty in design change implementation to help in prioritising and estimating the value of changes

We provide a tailored solution for each of our clients’ needs, while incorporating tried-and-true approaches, such as:

  • Deconstruct products into parts and sub-systems and consider the function and how it’s achieved
  • Brainstorming of design alternatives with Ricardo technical experts
  • Look at potential design changes without the constraint of current conditions in design and manufacturing
  • Develop / establish metrics for idea evaluation