Market Entry & Growth Strategy

Market Entry & Growth Strategy

Every company wants to grow, and when facing challenging conditions, searches for novel methods of achieving this growth. The optimal growth strategy will be based on the company’s financial condition, but it is also largely impacted by external factors such as competition, political conditions, changing customer preferences, etc. In a crowded marketplace, opportunities to enter new markets can present businesses with an attractive plan to increase profitability, but a robust strategy is required to capitalize on these opportunities effectively.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) leverages proven strategy development tools to support businesses in entering new marketplaces and meeting top and bottom line growth targets. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify opportunities to grow by market sector, region, or technology, based on in-depth knowledge and evaluation of market requirements and trends, regulatory drivers, competitive assessments, and partnerships.

Our broad industry network of experts, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and customers allows for primary research with market participants and key opinion leaders to provide market insight. This has helped us define entry and growth roadmaps for some of our most well-established clients.

Our sector specialist teams can help you:

  • Identify interactions between traditional market forces with regulatory and technological drivers
  • Understand historical market trends and predict future trends
  • Integrate market modelling with technical product optimization models
  • Identify relevant Intellectual Property and enablers for growth
  • Analyse market size and growth potential
  • Assess your competitors and their strategies
  • Understand how purchase decision-makers and influencers view your product or service, your business, and your market position