Product Line Strategy

Product Line Strategy

Successful products are the result of executing well-thought-out strategies. This is key to maximizing return on product development investment and ultimately delivering the products that your customers really want. Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) can develop a strategy and define an implementation plan to position your products to exploit competitive advantages and address market requirements to achieve a position of market leadership.

Our approach to product strategy development involves identifying key product features and characteristics based on customers’ needs and competitors’ gaps and differentiators. Additionally, we deliver competitive strategies that are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the market through the evaluation of current and future state opportunities for product / market alignment, thereby presenting the most effective opportunities for growth.

Our integration of technological and regulatory roadmaps to understand product features, ranging from basic product requirements to high value differentiators, has helped our clients build capabilities and products that are more meaningful, usable, and scalable.

Our sector specialist teams can provide you with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of products, technologies, features, and competition
  • Deep technical understanding of a product’s functional requirements
  • Expert execution of the Voice of the Customer interviewing process and integration of customer feedback to develop a robust product strategy
  • Awareness of critical regulatory impacts on market needs and product technology requirements
  • Understanding of adjacent systems to evaluate up- / down-market product strategies