Product Portfolio & Fleet Strategy

Product Portfolio & Fleet Strategy

Companies with an optimized product portfolio can capture a large share of the available market without the costs associated with overlap and redundancy between products. For instance, this may be as a supplier who wants to ensure access to the full range of vehicle manufacturers and their associated requirements while minimizing CAPEX/OPEX. Alternatively, for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) required to meet fleet targets for CO2 and fuel economy, as set out in CAFE regulations and others around the globe, product portfolio design requires in-depth financial and technical planning and analysis to remain competitive.

Structuring portfolios, whether as products or fleets, requires addressing a challenge where commercial and technical factors are deeply intertwined. At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), our team of experts combines its deep technical understanding and strong business acumen to help our clients develop product portfolios that can win in a highly competitive environment.

Our approach to developing a product portfolio involves obtaining a deep understanding of individual customer requirements, how those individual customers constitute the overall market, and the technical solutions available to meet their needs. Our experts can assess these technical solutions in detailed cost terms to develop solutions with maximum return-on-investment. In the automotive industry, fleet strategy can be a complex issue that intersects multiple functions of an organization; RSC can provide an outside, industry-wide viewpoint to mediate those conversations.

Some of the services that RSC can provide include:

  • Techno-economic modelling of fleet solutions to meet CAFE/CO2 requirements across global markets
  • Customer profiling and requirements generation through primary research and global industry contacts
  • Analysis of critical regulatory impacts on market needs and product technology requirements
  • Competitor portfolio analysis, including hosted teardowns of competitor benchmarking analysis
  • Full bill of materials (BOM) product review and design improvement implementation
  • Government regulation and efficiency analysis of competitor product offerings for 10+ year product planning