Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

In a complex and dynamic business environment, it is easy to lose sight of the objective of both short- and long-term business decisions. Equally, it is crucial to understand the market context of any strategy when evaluating a company’s next direction. An attractive business case can turn sour overnight due to a change in legislation, a competitor product launch, or a shift in production economics.

Unlike many other consultancies, Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) is able to understand challenges in the automotive and other industries from macro- to micro-level. With extensive access to industry data, sufficient experience to interpret those inputs, and support from our own market insight methodology, RSC is able to help our clients navigate a complex maze of competing industry trends.

RSC has a broad industry network with world-renowned experts, OEMs, suppliers, end-customers, and associations, which enables us to work with market participants and key opinion leaders to understand the ‘Voice-of-Market’ feedback.

From understanding the trends in regulation and policy to obtaining direct customer insight to analyzing the market through competitive assessment and benchmarking, RSC can help improve your company’s knowledge of the challenges and opportunities approaching the industry. Our experienced team also uses industry-leading techniques in advanced modelling, analytics, and big data to deliver insights to our clients.

RSC combines broad market intelligence with detailed customer feedback to provide unique insights – a true best-of-both-worlds approach.