As the automotive and transportation industries continue to be both extremely cost-conscious and forward-looking in terms of product and process innovation, effective asset management systems and strategies are essential for meeting both goals. To overcome these challenges, Ricardo leverages institutional product knowledge from over 100 years of leadership in the transportation industry.

As a benchmarking leader in the automotive and transportation industries, we synthesize comparisons of the tradeoffs between a product’s features and functional capabilities in relation to its size, weight, and/or cost to identify opportunities for optimisation which will improve our client’s market competitiveness. We put into place proprietary methods for evaluating and assessing highly engineered, serially manufactured products.

Additionally, we partner with A2Mac1 to provide the most comprehensive hybrid and electric vehicle benchmarking service in the world.

The unique capabilities of our sector specialist teams include:

  • Revealing Best-In-Class component designs, features, technology sets, estimated costs as well as the manufacturers setting the pace of the industry
  • Discover potential cost reduction levers
  • Identify part consolidation and functional performance improvement paths
  • Detect opportunities for new materials or manufacturing techniques

Our unique approach combines:

  • Product teardown and expert technical analysis with a comprehensive evaluation of a product’s design execution
  • Performing “top down” and “bottom up” cost calculations to increase understanding of a product’s cost structure
  • Developing clear comparisons between like components to inform clients on the key attributes for competitiveness