Competitive Assessment

Competitive Assessment

How do you position your product to stand out when your value proposition appears nearly identical to other competitive offerings? That’s a common challenge companies face in an increasingly competitive business marketplace. At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), our experienced operations team provides a comprehensive assessment of product competitiveness to drive improvement in product portfolio decisions for our clients.

RSC’s experienced consultants have an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve, incorporating product expertise and market experience across a broad range of sectors and applications. Our team brings a unique mix of technical and business acumen to deliver practical and comprehensive solutions appropriate to our clients’ needs.

RSC is committed to assisting businesses with growth, innovation, and industrial effectiveness strategies, providing long-term, profitable solutions. We provide a thorough analysis and interpretation of real-world data to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and dynamics of customers and competitors within the industries we serve. Our approach involves expert execution of primary and secondary research, including surveys and structured interviews with customers, competitors, and other industry stakeholders. Additionally, our teams evaluate industry trends, key market players, and market share. Through these activities, we develop a balanced, objective scoring to highlight areas of strength and opportunities for the client. 

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for client product portfolios and overall strategic positioning
  • Identifying key success factors and pitfalls in target segments and markets
  • Assessing competitiveness of a client’s products against appealing customer attributes, including cost, technology, quality, reliability, service, etc.