Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Gathering insights from your customers related to your products and services is a powerful way to drive sales and improve your company’s bottom line. Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) helps our customers capture, analyse, and apply customer knowledge to help them win, serve, and retain customers.

Our experienced operations team develops market intelligence and integrates customer feedback to create robust strategies on product portfolio, market entry, regulatory policies, etc., that are based on well-informed needs and expectations of the market. Our seasoned consultants have a deep understanding of the industries we serve, including product expertise and market experience across broad range of sectors and applications. Our team has a broad industry network with experts, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, end-customers, and associations that enables us to work with market participants and key opinion leaders to gather the Voice-of-Market feedback.

Our approach involves developing a multi-faceted view of our clients’ customers, derived from a strategic analysis of sound qualitative and quantitative data. We provide expert execution of primary and secondary research, including surveys and structured interviews to capture Voice-of-Customer feedback. Additionally, our teams provide a detailed review of customer bases for different product categories and integrate this customer feedback to develop robust strategies for our clients.

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Developing in-depth understanding of market perception of existing products, including insights on field usage, issues, expectations, satisfaction level, etc., to help align product strategy to meet the needs of the customer
  • Assisting clients in exploring new markets by identifying the right end-customer base and gathering market intelligence for making informed decisions
  • Leveraging our position as a 3rd party to illicit objective and unbiased response from end-users