Acquisition / Partnership Screening

Acquisition / Partnership Screening

Recent shifts in technology and changing trade dynamics are re-shaping markets worldwide. In such environments, many companies view M&A activities as a way to quickly adapt to changing market needs without the long lead time of organic growth. At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), we help our clients identify and select appropriate acquisition targets or strategic partners as an extension of their growth strategy. It is important to identify targets that align with the company’s overall business strategy, which is why our screening process considers our clients’ product portfolios, growth plans, and market segments, among other factors, to identify the best potential partners.

Since 2015, we have completed dozens of partnership searches across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Our multi-faceted approach involves:

  • Characterising the M&A playing field – inside or outside of our clients’ core industries
  • Defining the case-related target properties for acquisition candidates
  • Compiling a comprehensive list of potential target companies
  • Yielding a strategic short list of the most attractive acquisition candidates
  • Screening the acquisition candidates
  • Providing initial contact and conducting preliminary discussions

Supported by an international network of experts, our seasoned consultants have a deep knowledge of the automotive and transportation industries as well as a sound understanding of current and emerging technologies in these industries.

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Development of a clear view on growth opportunities and M&A needs

  • Development of strategic partnerships in key technology areas

  • Detailed analytics (financial data, product and technology trends, synergies, etc.)

  • Comprehensive assessment of clients’ business processes

  • Interviews with industry experts, including Ricardo's internal network of experts

  • Definition of target criteria for an acquisition target or potential partner

  • Target-criteria-based assessment