Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

The commercial due diligence process differs from pure financial due diligence. While financial indicators are important, commercial due diligence evaluates the attractiveness of a company based on many internal and external factors, including business strategy, forecasts, product portfolio, market segments, competitive assessment, pricing, and revenue models.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) supports both investors and vendors in the commercial due-diligence process with our deep and broad industry and technology expertise, providing a thorough assessment of a target's positioning within its commercial environment. Our team is able to work on-site at the target company or remotely to analyse the company’s performance and ability to meet its goals. Our objective is to highlight potential gaps and risks that the buyer must be aware of to make an informed decision.

Our experts possess profound automotive/transportation industry and technology knowledge that is supported by experienced business consultants and an international network of experts. We utilize a proven, well-honed, and rigorous commercial due diligence process, incorporating proven methods, including:

  • Detailed analysis of the target’s financial data, product and technology trends, operations, and market strength
  • Interviews with RSC’s network of experts
  • Assessment of business plan achievability, key risks, and areas for improvement

 The unique capabilities of our sector specialist teams include:

  • Support of buyer and vendor due diligences
  • Management of overall due diligence process (strategy, operations, finance, legal)
  • Assessment and review of target business plan
  • Provision of a deeper understanding of the target’s industry and future trends
  • Provision of a strong understanding of competitors and how they will evolve
  • Definition of key criteria for benchmarking
  • Target benchmarking in competitive landscape
  • Identification and valuation of synergies
  • Development of customized market models