Partnership / JV evaluation

Partnership / JV evaluation

Partnership / joint venture evaluation

The automotive and transportation industries are rapidly changing and evolving, and many companies are finding that in order to stay competitive, they must collaborate with others. A partnership or joint venture is a way to quickly gain access to new markets or technologies, perhaps as an alternative to making an acquisition. However, there are many challenges inherent in implementing joint ventures and alliances, and many companies overlook a critical piece of any alliance or JV effort—the launch planning and execution. Ricardo Strategic Consulting can help you identify strategic partnership opportunities that best meet your requirements, maximizing the potential synergies and mitigating the associated risks and concerns.

Our experts possess deep understanding of the industry that helps us bring strategic insights to complement your business case. We guide you through this process using a tailored approach, incorporating proven methods, including:  

  • Multidimensional profile screening based on technology, sales channels, product features, brand, market share
  • Conducting competitive benchmarking exercise to down-select most suitable partner profiles
  • Synergy mapping of potential profiles with client needs and ranking them based on their attractiveness
  • Cleary defined action plan to prepare for new business unit development

The unique capabilities of our sector specialist teams include:

  • Ability to develop potential partner profiles with detailed opportunities/risk assessment, and quantify their value to client
  • Involvement from market research, to selection, profiling, due diligence and strategy recommendation
  • Advise on strategic approach to negotiations with potential partners
  • Support through seamless integration of partners, enabling them to maximize the benefits