Private Equity

Private Equity

At a time where advanced technology is being implemented into products across the automotive and transport industries at an unprecedented rate, Private Equity firms operating within this space are faced with an overwhelming array of opportunities. However, as many technologies previously thought to be near mass market adoption have failed to materialize, selecting the best opportunity and cutting through the hype remains as challenging as ever.

At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), our team of experienced consultants assists Private Equity clients navigate the complex world of automotive and transportation technology. By leveraging our unique combination of in-depth technical experience and extensive commercial and operational understanding, we provide robust, informed, and objective analysis of both current portfolios and future acquisition targets.

Assessing the potential of any business requires an understanding of not only their technical edge but also their operational and commercial robustness. While many firms can provide a viewpoint on one of these factors, RSC is uniquely placed to provide insight from both perspectives, ensuring that any analysis is technically grounded and commercially sound.

At RSC, we partner with Private Equity clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Target identification through review of market trends, key players profiling, industry perspectives, and technology roadmaps across global markets
  • Acquisition support through technical and commercial due diligence
  • Profit growth and performance improvement strategy development, planning, and implementation management
  • Cost reduction analysis and organizational restructuring support
  • Divestiture planning and exit support to maximize ROI and minimize disruption