Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy

The confluence of connectivity, autonomous driving, and electrified drivetrains is leading to a revolution in mobility and goods delivery. While this is opening the door to new revenue growth opportunities for established industry players, there are also significant risks to traditional revenue sources due to the move away from personal vehicle ownership. These threats are compounded by the flood of new market entrants to the automotive and transport industries. The rapid adoption of new technology is creating a new set of diverging product pathways for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1/2s, and many other industry stakeholders. In these times of change, understanding which of these pathways leads to success is increasingly difficult.

At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), we combine our technical expertise in the automotive and transportation fields with business acumen and operational experience, which uniquely positions us to advise on the coming disruptions to the industry. By partnering with us, our clients are able to access the key insights companies need to know to determine the best actions to take today to position themselves for the short and long-term future.

Our team of consultants act as trusted advisors to our clients across global markets on all aspects of mobility strategy. This can include assessment of new business models related to Mobility-as-a-Service, development and implementation of a connected and autonomous vehicle strategy, techno-economic analysis in drones and VTOLs, or world-leading advice in cybersecurity strategy.

As the industry undergoes its biggest shift in a generation, many companies will be left behind. Contact RSC to make sure yours isn’t one of them.

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