Asset management

Asset management

Asset managment

As the automotive and transportation industry continues to be both extremely cost-conscious and forward-looking in terms of product and process innovation, asset management systems and methodologies are essential for meeting both goals. To overcome these challenges, RSC has developed sophisticated strategies to manage customer owned tooling, identify key assets, and assure compliance with asset policies.

At RSC, we know that specific to the mobility and energy industries, it is vital to be able to manage assets to maximize their useful life and uptime reliability at the lowest possible cost. We have created a structured methodology to identify critical manufacturing assets. Additionally, we identify key part and assembly features through review of plant and line layouts, process sheets, bill of materials, control plans, work instructions, including line walks. Lastly, we provide due care removal, logistics management, and redeployment of critical assets for future production.

Our seasoned consultants have significant experience in transitioning high volume production programs to service lifecycle requirements, utilizing alternative manufaturing locations and new suppliers. Our technical and strategic expertise provides a comprehensive solution and balanced perspective to asset management.
The unique capabilities of our sector specialist teams include:

  • Supporting transition to service for production balance out, supplier resourcing, and low volume / warranty requirements
  • Identification and documentation of key tooling, gaging, capital asset, and process information needed to be preserved to ensure ongoing service part supply at future suppliers
  • Risk management in the movement of assets to new suppliers or manufacturing line locations
  • Ability to work with Tiered suppliers to document and redeploy tooling for production