Operations improvement

Operations improvement

Operations improvement

From high volume series production to low volume batch manufacturing, Ricardo's strategic consulting support can prepare and execute a roadmap to improve your manufacturing processes, recommend solutions, and manage those gaps to improve efficiency.

Our global team with diverse functional experience, spanning a variety of industries (I.e. startup, automotive, clean energy, power sports, marine, commercial vehicle, etc.) is prepared to set a strategic plan to drive your company’s growth and profitability through approachs tailored to your specific needs.

With a unique blend of deep-content technical consulting, real hands-on experience from our work with automotive operations, and classic strategic consulting expertise, we help clients create efficient and competitive operational structures and processes.

Our sector specialist professionals have unique capabilities, including:

  • The ability to understand and dissect manufacturing processes to support the development of options and recommendations
  • Developing TAKT time production management plans to provide sustainable throughput efficiencies
  • Using tools such as Value Stream Mapping to identify efficiencies in the manufacturing process
  • Ability to look across functions on the plant floor, including supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, re-work process, scrap, etc.

Our exclusive mix of strategic vision and hands-on experience positions us to support both manufacturing strategy development and tactical implementations. Specific areas where we can add value include:

  • Planning of global production system
  • Insourcing vs. outsourcing strategy
  • Lean process improvement implementation and replication
  • Optimization of capacity and capital investment planning
  • Quality system implementation
  • Focused quality issue resolution