Sourcing execution & supplier management

Sourcing execution & supplier management

Sourcing execution and supplier management

Many companies are unsure of how to transform their procurement organisations to reduce costs while maximising value from supplier relationships. Ricardo’s seasoned consulting team will unlock hidden value in direct material purchasing with opportunity prioritisation and sourcing execution while directing supplier development and performance improvement.

Our experienced sourcing professionals are familiar with all types of transportation components from advanced technologies to commodity materials, leveraging unique capabilities, including:

  • Cost structure analysis to support comprehensive negotiations strategy
  • Program management category specific global supply chain RFI / RFQs
  • Supplier qualification process to ensure credibility and capability
  • Low cost country sourcing

Our team deploys proven practices and methodologies for cost calculation, supplier development and program management. Our approach involves:

  • Level-setting product requirements, summary of current state, and supply chain strategy
  • Comparing suppliers with structured data driven assessment of critical attributes
  • Instigating competition between preferred suppliers and credible challengers to generate attractive business cases
  • Creating structured approached to evaluate business cases across a wide array of significant metrics