Risk management

Ricardo’s seasoned consultants have a sound understanding of the pitfalls in supplier selection and sourcing strategies based on market factors across broad range of sectors and applications. Our staff heavily consists of consultants with 10+ years’ experience in the industries we serve who have worked across multiple stages of the product development cycle.

Our approach involves identifying and ranking multi-faceted supply and procurement risks, integration of bespoke risk mitigation solutions into short-, mid- and long-term procurement strategies, and lastly provide PMO services to drive execution.

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Cross functional risk identification and mitigation to address multiple sources of risk
  • Analysing commodity portfolio risk to balance supplier solvency, quality and launch risks
  • Evaluating supplier metrics (historic quality, pricing trends, financial performance) to identify supply risk
  • Identifying high risk technologies and commodities through trend analysis
  • Assessing global supply risk factors: geographic, economic, intellectual property/counterfeiting

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