Product development execution improvement

Product development execution improvement

Execution improvement

Ricardo’s managed product development approach provides focus and tangible deliverables during the product creation or evolution. Establishing a coherent plan provides visibility to measurables that highlight risks and opportunities leading to program success.

Our sector specialist teams have unique capabilities, including:

  • Strategic product development & engineering quality perspective that combines experience, insight and a practical recommendations leading to 'robust' results
  • Many years of managing large and small product development programs independent or embedded with the OEM’s team
  • Evaluate effectiveness of organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, and the PD process
  • Develop strategies to strengthen R&D processes and organisation to support via improved validation & testing (Engineering Robustness)

Ricardo provides a tailored solution for each of our clients’ needs, while incorporating solid and reliable approaches, such as:

  • Baseline analysis to understand best/worst practices (resource levels, cycle time, work volume)
  • Identify gaps between current practices and industry best practices
  • Focus on clear and frequent communication that encourages product and process improvements