Product development organization and strategy

Product development organization and strategy

Organization and strategy

As a key leader in your company's product development management processes, you and your company are continually seeking to improve product development strategies.

Effective product development organisation & strategy is often measured by having the 'right product at the right place at the right time'. Ricardo empowers the unique capabilities of an organisation to develop superior products by the formation of structures and information flow that streamline complex project delivery.

Our seasoned consultants have deep product development backgrounds across a broad range of industries, including: Automotive, Mobility, Commercial, Off-highway, Clean Energy, and Power Generation. They are able to quickly understand marketing requirements, current product offerings and organisational capabilities to establish if new products require iteration or innovation.

We help our clients to:

  • Develop an action plan for improved customer responsiveness resulting in less iteration and shorter time to SOP
  • Identify core capabilities and enhanced opportunities in key resource areas
  • Improve cost, timing and margins through the elimination of waste and non-value-add work 
  • Identify key gates that lower risk as investment increases

Our unique approach combines:

  • Establishing the industry position and competitiveness
  • Modeling the company structure and identifying operational effectiveness by gathering first hand input through interviews – creating impactful metrics
  • Understanding the product development process and associated formal and informal interactions
  • Assessing and defining clear product requirements including performance, cost and window of opportunity
  • Assessing if innovation is being nurtured and deployed