Ricardo Centre of Knowledge

Ricardo Centre of Knowledge provides a group of services that exist to enable clients to access automotive, engineering, environment, energy and transport knowledge and research in a fast and accessible way.

The industry is developing at a rapid pace, and it’s important to be able to navigate through information overload to identify reliable and trustworthy data to aid decision-making.

Our client list includes global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and fuel and lubricant companies.

Ricardo Centre of Knowledge Products

RiCK™ Database

The information contained within RiCK™ is helpful to anyone embarking on automotive, engineering, transport or energy projects. RiCK™ also helps teams collaborate with a shared content feature that allows searches to be saved in a dedicated space. The database houses over 300,000 abstracted references, including industry-leading papers and articles. A team of dedicated information specialists assist with searches and ensuring the quality of content within the database.

  • A subscription to RiCK™ will help your team find the latest technical research papers and knowledge from trusted secondary sources.
  • It will help you to locate the precise knowledge you need when you need it.


EMLEG is Ricardo's Emissions Legislation database - it contains information on global emissions standards and regulations.

EMLEG allows users to keep up to date with the latest changes in global emissions legislation; EMLEG contains summaries and data from emissions legislation and CO2 emissions standards and it provides links to the official regulations. It covers draft and final standards. The database contains information on the EU, US India, China and several other markets worldwide and it provides data on emissions regulations by country and by market sector. It covers passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, non-road engines, motorcycles and other applications.

RiCK™ News

Streamline your news search with a subscription to RiCK News. Let artificial intelligence monitor the news for you and receive weekly alerts of high-quality breaking news from Reuters, Bloomberg and other leading media outlets. The content is aggregated from over 80,000 news sources and will provide an overview of the latest developments in a specific subject.

Technical Updates

A suite of curated technical updates compiling content from the RiCK™ database. These regular technical updates cover specific subjects and are delivered monthly. The topics include Autonomous Vehicles, DecarbonisationEngines, Fuel Economy, Fuels & Lubricants, Hybrid & Electric Powertrains, Hydrogen, Rail and Transmissions. A subscription to these can be purchased directly on the eStore where samples are available for download.

Conference List

The Ricardo Forthcoming Conference List provides details of planned Conferences and Exhibitions several years in advance.
Sectors covered include Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle, Autonomous vehicles, Fuels & Lubricants, Rail, Defence, Marine, Motorcycles, Engines, New Energy and more.


You can purchase reports, publications, subscriptions and training from leading Ricardo experts on the eStore. The publications available on the eStore include leading automotive, engineering, energy and transport related publications covering a wealth of topics such as:

If your company wants to access Ricardo’s world-leading knowledge, get in touch to find out how Ricardo Centre of Knowledge products can help you.