Around the world, emissions legislation is evolving at a rapid pace. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and others connected to the industry need to be able to quickly understand the current situation in a particular region and stay up to date with changes as they develop. Official documents from legislative bodies tend to be long and complex and require specialist skills to interpret. At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), our EMLEG service provides a way to quickly and conveniently understand the status of emissions legislation for countries across the world, reducing the need for monitoring, and thereby saving valuable time.

Prepared by our dedicated emissions legislation specialist, each EMLEG entry provides a brief summary of the current situation, tables of the various limit values, and explanations of the various test procedures. In addition, the source documents used are linked, allowing the user to refer to them directly if required.

EMLEG is an online, subscription-based service that is continually updated. Subscribers receive regular email alerts of updates and have access to downloadable material.

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