Knowledge Agreements

Knowledge Agreements

World class expertise is just an e-mail or phone call away

With an annual Ricardo Knowledge Agreement contract, your company can always be connected to Ricardo's global community of cross-industry specialists, as and when you need them. Delivered by the Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) team, a Ricardo Knowledge Agreement can support your business in many ways – from overcoming day-to-day engineering issues and providing technical guidance to assisting with defining long-term technology and market strategies.

As part of the service, your dedicated account manager will assemble a team as needed from across the Ricardo group, comprising of specialists best placed to answer your questions. Our team will help you define the scope, deliverables, and deadlines. An agreed-upon fee is then deducted from your Knowledge Agreement budget, and the task commences. This approach allows a rapid turnaround of deliverables, while providing all parties with the peace of mind associated with a having a robust commercial agreement in place.

Deliverables typically range from a teleconference with technical specialists to a detailed report or a half-day workshop. Examples of tasks our team have completed recently for our clients include:

  • Identifying the materials that are forbidden from use in high-pressure common rail fuel systems and outlining the impacts on the fuel system’s robustness and function
  • Identifying current and future restrictions for diesel vehicles in cities in Europe
  • Providing a high-level summary of our RDE (Real Driving Emissions) knowledge, experience, and activities in a one-hour teleconference to help our client identify their knowledge gaps
  • Assessing likely costs and timescales for the levels of driving automation for a C-segment vehicle out to 2025