RiCK™ Technical Updates

Ricardo Centre of Knowledge publishes a range of regular Technical Updates, which provide a quick and convenient way of staying up to date with developments in technology. Drawn from the content of the RiCK™ Database, each Update is arranged by subject headings and allows the user to quickly review specific areas of interest.

Titles in the Technical Update range include -

  • Autonomous Vehicles Update - A monthly publication focusing on technology developments and progress in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles
  • Engine Components Update - A monthly update that covers technical features and specifications of new or modified powertrain related system components, used in on and off-highway applications
  • Decarbonisation Technical Update - A monthly update, listing technical papers related to decarbonisation and low carbon technologies across all industries. Includes details of industry related forthcoming conferences and other events
  • Fuel Economy Technical update - A monthly update which summarises published literature on fuel consumption and CO2 reduction issues in vehicles, powertrains and drivelines, mainly for automotive applications
  • Fuel & Lubricants Technical Update - A monthly update detailing published literature on all aspects of fuel technology, applications and effects, lubricants and lubrication, mainly for automotive, off-highway or marine applications
  • Gas Engine News - A quarterly update summarising published literature on new developments in gas engine research and technology
  • Hybrid and Electric Powertrain Update - A monthly update summarising published literature on hybrid, electric, fuel cell and other alternative powerplants, mainly for automotive applications
  • Hydrogen Technical Update - provides a comprehensive, monthly summary of technical publications on hydrogen production, policy and programmes, safety and innovation
  • Large Engine Technical Update - A quarterly publication summarising published literature on all aspects of technology for engines used in marine, power generation, rail and other applications.  A description of significant new engines that have been released during the quarter, and a list of forthcoming industry conferences are included
  • New Engine News - A monthly update covering technical features and specifications of new or modified internal combustion engines, used in on and off-highway applications
  • Rail Technical update - A monthly publication providing a comprehensive overview of developments on railway vehicles, powertrains, railway infrastructure and environmental issues. Topics include but not limited to; Automation, Railway Noise & Vibration, User experience, Cybersecurity, Pantographs, train management systems, wheel-rail Interaction, air quality, efficiency and energy consumption
  • Transmissions Technical Update - A monthly summary of published literature on transmission and driveline developments across automotive, marine and off-highway applications