Ricardo TRNTY

Ricardo TRNTY

Every automotive, mobility, off-highway, or transportation company faces challenges at times; new markets and technology, a shifting competitor landscape, changing legislation and economic uncertainty.

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Our global network of independent experts and niche consultancies help you meet the challenges and opportunities your company may encounter with confidence. Far beyond what any individual company could assemble within a rapid timescale.

TRNTY perfectly aligns deployment-ready expertise with the demands of long-term business strategy, industry mega-trends and a rapidly changing, unpredictable world.

Why Partner With Us?

Take a look at the following statements. How many sound familiar? Dedicated to automotive, mobility, off-highway or transportation sectors, TRNTY delivers expertise which we fully align with your consulting, program and project requirements:

“We need access to consulting and subject matter experts who are ideally matched to our industry and project requirements.”

Our global network enables us to aligns our experts with your specific objectives, rapidly delivering capability when and where you need it.

“We need support beyond strategic recommendation; access to experts who can help us to implement and go-to-market is a priority.”

TRNTY supports you across the entire value chain, from R&D to go-to-market; engineering to supply chain; and from manufacturing to business transformation.

 “Our company needs expertise in diverse markets and countries, where we don’t have relevant skills in our organisation or with existing suppliers.”


TRNTY provides you with access to our diverse network of subject matter and industry experts, who are available for projects in local markets through to global programs.

“I don’t have the budget to engage with a traditional consultancy or expand my team.”

Access proven skills and knowledge at a competitive price point.  With expertise available from an hour to year or more, it’s a great way to enhance your team and available resources.

Whether you need support for an hour, a month or over a year, our global network of experts are ready to share their knowledge, insight and capability with you. 

We can connect you to a thriving community of individuals, teams and niche consultancies, who are already collaborating with high-profile clients on inspiring projects around the world.

Contact us today via [email protected] to learn how we can support your immediate and long-term company objectives.