Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

Technology lies at the heart of the automotive and transport industries. Demanding trends in regulation and customer expectations will require the adoption of advanced technology throughout the value chain in the next decade and beyond. However, in a crowded field of technology pathways, it can often be difficult to select the best route forward. Established industry players have fallen from dominant positions by selecting the wrong option; equally, new entrants have grown rapidly by exploiting advantages in technology.

In an industry where almost all stakeholders have a vested interest in a particular pathway, Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) can offer an objective, informed, and detailed viewpoint on the future for advanced technology.

At RSC, we know that the adoption of technology relies as much on economics as it does on performance, which is why we leverage our consultants’ experience in both engineering and business to make assessments of future technology impacts. We also appreciate that it is not always clear how a disruptive technology can have a knock-on effect to adjacent sectors (for example, the impact of powertrain electrification on the automotive lubricants market), which is why RSC has developed a toolkit of techniques to model the impact of new technology adoption. Finally, we understand that promising technologies have failed due to a lack of a coherent exploitation strategy, which is why we use a proven, data-driven approach to assist our clients manage their valuable IP, executed by a team with first-hand experience of technology implementation.

Whether you are a developer looking for assistance with critical technology management, an industry player wishing to understand adoption modelling and relevant technology roadmaps, or a stakeholder who would benefit from scenario planning and horizon scanning, RSC has an approach that can help.

In an era of uncertainty and opportunity, let RSC guide your path forward.