Technology Roadmapping

Technology Roadmapping

In today’s competitive environment, many companies work in a cycle of reaction to short-term needs rather than strategic priorities, or they are unsure how to translate their strategy into the implementation of technology. A technology roadmap can match the company’s goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), we are uniquely prepared to develop both long-term and short-term strategies for technology planning and development, improving our clients’ business performance in terms of efficiency, growth, resiliency, competitive advantage, and bottom line.

Our proven approach to develop a well-defined strategic technology roadmap involves the assessment of multiple factors, such as cost/benefit trade-offs, market drivers, total cost of ownership, regulatory drivers, customer value, competitive landscape, technology maturity, and barriers to adoption. We provide the technical, strategic, cost analysis, and modelling leadership required to develop effective technology planning documents for strategic development and custom technology planning roadmaps.

At RSC, our techno-economic expertise enables us to provide our clients with detailed, visual guides to a technology adoption timeline based on technology capabilities, cost factors, and regulatory drivers. We provide a structured methodology for exploring and planning relationships between evolving markets, products, and emerging technologies over time.

Our seasoned team of experts:

  • Understand the advanced technology landscape in the industries we serve
  • Have access to internal and industry experts and key opinion leaders
  • Provide in-house models for vehicle and infrastructure total cost of ownership
  • Have a deep knowledge of technology and cost interaction
  • Understand relevant regulatory influences on technology adoption
  • Have access to databases of current and future technology costs