Critical Parts Shortage Resolution

Critical Parts Shortage Resolution

Resolving Supply Disruption

A fast, global and comprehensive response to your technical and strategic part supply issues

Part supply shortages spring up without warning disrupting production and ruining operational metrics. The root causes are varied and could include supplier plant issues, international supply chain constraints, financially distressed suppliers, and/or quality failures. While companies often have a dedicated cross-functional, task force team to attack and resolve such issues, these resources can quickly become overwhelmed when systemic issues hit many points in the supply chain in a short time frame. Ricardo Strategic Consulting provides a self-sufficient, fast, global and comprehensive response to these critical issues.

RSC has cross-functional experts (Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Finance) to address any number of part shortage causes. Our proven and robust methodology provides support at all stages of the product lifecycle including pre-production sourcing, launch, production, and after service customer satisfaction concerns. We have a proprietary global supplier database that allows quick access to niche suppliers for both long-term relationships and stop-gap support. Our 3000+ global professionals provide a deep bullpen to form a highly skilled task force teams on the ground wherever needed to accelerate problem resolution.

We can deliver rapid turnkey solutions with minimal impact to existing organizations and help overcome a discreet roadblock or get an entire program back on track.  RSC frequently helps our clients with supplier identification, RFQ generation, supplier technical reviews, manufacturing site assessments, testing, validation, PPAP, launch and, production problem resolution. Please reach out to us if your company needs to quickly address these types of concerns. Selected recent RSC accomplishments include:

  • Restored 150+ PN shortage by re-establishing suppliers from RFI to PPAP in 14 months while avoiding $27M incremental cost
  • Resolved $2M/month warranty spend by assembling a team of 10 cross-functional experts for a Japanese supplier
  • Accelerated a supplier launch with manufacturing asset due care transfer worth 99 truckloads from the incumbent to the chosen supplier