Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Consumer markets are in a phase of transition where innovation cycles are shorter, product and pricing information is readily available, and target groups are more international and diverse. Being in touch with customers and able to sell products to them today is an increasingly demanding area of innovation, with more and more digital customer journeys competing against traditional sales models.

Companies are faced with increasingly competitive environments in which capturing and retaining customers profitably is a great challenge. Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) helps organizations understand customer requirements and track consumer behaviour in the fast-changing global environment based on a combination of deep understanding of technical parameters and the use of proven techniques to obtain customer insight. RSC assists our clients by providing in-depth target segment segmentation, thoroughly understanding customer purchase criteria through primary research, and prioritizing product attributes that are valuable to both existing and future adjacent growth target customers. Our team has extensive experience in customer research and in supporting clients as they manoeuvre through the challenges and pitfalls of marketing and brand management.

Our services include:

  • Brand strategy and brand management
  • Digital strategy creation and development
  • Development of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies
  • Product planning and cycle management
  • Market channel assessments, dealer performance management, dealer margin models, sales incentives, and direct sales
  • Pricing strategies and pricing systems for product lines, options, and bundles
  • Launch management and go-to-market strategies
  • Sales planning, including market forecasting and volume modelling
  • Definition of digital/ non-digital (traditional) customer journeys in several product markets

The RSC team helps companies structure, implement, and improve their sales efforts using innovative tools and methods, ensuring the right channel for product groups and developing new customer segments to ensure future growth prospects.