Identifying Reshoring Opportunities

Identifying Reshoring Opportunities

Ricardo Strategic Consulting evaluated a selected set of commodities to identify reshoring opportunities with potential cost reduction options

Current business disruptions have inflated the global supply chain risks and provide an opportunity to evaluate reshoring cost solutions. Ricardo Strategic Consulting provides a holistic approach considering all cost factors to identify the “right parts at the right time” for reshoring opportunities.

Reshoring Opportunities Identification Methodology

  • Develop and define a decision matrix based on suitable product attributes and inputs
  • Evaluate individual parts/commodities against decision matrix to prioritize top attractive parts for reshoring
  • Perform a holistic review of identified parts considering decision matrix results, risks associated, and overall company goals
  • Highlight reshoring opportunities based on analysis and provide actionable items for reshoring opportunities


  • Cost reduction
  • Stable supply chain flow
  • Minimized global environmental impacts

To review our complete process for evaluating reshoring opportunities please download the document here.