Steps for a successful re-launch of manufacturing operations

Steps for a successful re-launch of manufacturing operations

As manufacturing has started to open and re-launch production, collective efforts are required to manage and adjust to the new workplace norms. Manufacturers must adapt to the evolving business environment and strategize to ensure team member confidence.

Re-launch activities based on federal / local government’s advisories and operational limitations:

Workforce Safety

  • Provide suitable PPE with on-site thermal screening
  • Ensure physical distancing by reconfiguring production lines and/or implementing protective dividers
  • Train and counsel workforce to adjust to new working conditions
  • Implement preventative and containment plans for virus spread
  • Partner with workforce to guage workplace sentiments

Supplier Management

  • Monitor supplier performance and provide support as required to reduce supplier distress
  • Return to pre-COVID production quality standards throughout the supply chain

Internal Task Force

  • Develop and maintain cross-functional task force to:
    • Provide rapid communication of changes to internal and external teams
    • Bring attention to all issues big or small to the crisis team
    • Adapt re-launch activities based on developing inputs related to workforce and supply base

Re-launch Constraints

  • Determine production constraints to plan build schedules and workforce requirements considering:
    • Customer needs
    • Market shifts
    • Supplier/ component availability
    • Logistics bottlenecks
    • Production efficiency

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