Technology & Market Strategy

Technology & Market Strategy

RSC analyzes the evolution of electrification in the off-highway industry for a leading OEM

Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) analyzes the global competitive landscape, highlights emerging technologies, and recommends a sourcing strategy with potential partners for an off-highway equipment OEM.


A leading global OEM in the off-highway sector sought to expand its product portfolio with electrified powertrains in select segments. To inform future strategic decisions, the OEM requests RSC to perform a comprehensive global supply base analysis to identify:

  • Industry and technology trends in global off-highway electrification
  • Current and forecast competitor electrified products
  • Supplier portfolios and performance ranges
  • Existing or announced industry partnerships, and how could it be impacting the supply relationships
  • Product and technology differentiation among key suppliers

RSC is well-positioned to solve these challenges with 15+ years of xEV cost benchmarking, design for cost and reliability experience, and multiple supply chain analysis projects. Furthermore, with a dynamic organizational structure that includes senior engineers with advanced business degrees allows RSC to deliver this task efficiently.


RSC aligns with the client to benchmark global competitors, including other adjacent industry segment leaders. Subsequently, RSC executes the following methodology:

  • Identification of off-highway electrification trends: RSC identifies trends in off-highway electrification impacting supply-base including but not limited to product releases, demonstration applications, conference presentations and research existing or announced partnerships (supply base related)
  • Global supply-base investigation: RSC compiles dataset of current & announced product portfolios from the supply-base including E-machines, inverters, onboard chargers, DC/DC converters, gearboxes, and combined 3:1 e-drive system solutions
  • Quantification of industry capability & analysis:  RSC studies the performance and specifications to assess the overall supply-base capability and coverage within client specification boundaries. Additionally, RSC highlights differentiators and value proposition of suppliers


As one of the world's most valuable brands, the client is globally recognized for premium, high quality, service, and reliable products. RSC suggests 20 different potential partners to support the client's technical needs while embracing the competitive advantages and other clients' growth strategy needs.


  • RSC researches industry trends, competitor's portfolio, and ranks supply-base. RSC evaluates 150+ electrification suppliers globally and narrows options to less than 20 using objective evaluation criteria
  • Prioritize electrification suppliers exhibit proven heavy-duty experience & technology to sustain client market leadership & reputation. Suppliers were identified that align with the client’s competitive advantage
  • An adjustable weighted model of suppliers’ evaluation criteria provides calculated ranking and list of non-prioritized options. This model allows the client to adjust supplier score by changing the weight of any of the evaluating criteria