Sourcing Execution & Optimization

Sourcing Execution & Optimization

RSC investigates advanced driveline technology for an OEM launching a new EV platform

Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) identifies suitable designs, highlights representative suppliers, and estimates the cost of advanced driveline technologies to enhance vehicle operating capability.


An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) challenged RSC to analyze state-of-the-art drivetrain technology, identify the most advanced Tier-One suppliers within the field, and estimate cost implications. The client demands a fast response to satisfy an ongoing development program.

RSC utilizes its electric powertrain expertise, long history of advanced technology identification, and dynamic organizational structure to deliver this task efficiently.


RSC aligned with the client on the technical specifications, annual production, and other critical assumptions. Subsequently, RSC employs the following costing methodology:

  • Conduct technical analysis: Met with the client’s engineering team and key stakeholders to review the proposed design and specifications. RSC determines “must-have” features and relevant boundary conditions.
  • Market research: RSC used its proprietary internal RiCKTM database, technical experience, and other research publications to compile a list of suppliers with suitable products.
  • Product & supplier evaluation: RSC prioritized solutions based on adherence to client specifications, technology differentiation, and cost analysis. RSC summarized supplier’s capabilities to facilitate client engagement in a formal quotation.


Technology cost-benefit analysis provides the client with an overview of the required timing and investment to achieve the desired operating capability. Subsequently, the client evaluates the likelihood of integrating the solution on future platforms.


  • RSC’s fast response and technical completeness of the investigation allows the client’s design team to maintain program timing and continue development.
  • RSC identifies three suitable technologies and compares advantages and disadvantages that allow the customer’s design team to:
    • Estimate the cost of each solution at client production volumes and specifications.
    • Using a proprietary database, RSC lists potential suppliers and solutions that have the highest probability of successfully delivering to targets.