At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), we work with leaders across levels of Government to synthesize and act upon the implications of advanced technologies in the transportation and energy sectors.

We specialize in helping government organizations understand technology implementation roadmaps and prepare for changing technology and energy landscapes. We also assist in the planning, demonstration, and evaluation of the implications of advanced transportation and energy technologies.

Regulatory Review – Review of the regulatory landscape pertinent to transportation and energy technologies at the following levels:

  • International

  • Federal

  • State

  • Local

Techno-economic modelling for the transportation and energy industries:

  • Technology Road-Mapping

  • Adoption Rate Modelling

  • Technology Cost Modelling

  • Technology Impact Modelling

  • Should Cost Analysis

  • Cost and Weight Benchmarking

Due Diligence

  • Technical reviews of products and processes in support of funding due diligence

  • Independent review of forecasts and market models in the transportation technology space

  • Data collection and auditing of technology demonstration/implementation programs