Strategy development and implementation

At Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC), our broad expertise, gained from extensive project work within the rail sector and in relevant fields of affiliated industries, enables us to effectively support companies on all levels of the rail value chain, from creation to the seamless implementation of strategies. We have supported rail clients in acquisitions, post-merger integration, turnaround programs, product quality, and warranty cost reduction projects.

RSC has value-enhancing capabilities in cost-down design, ranging from strategy consultancy to product development and production implementation. We work with major manufacturers and suppliers on a global basis and understand the precise needs of local markets, enabling us to offer high-integrity, effective solutions, which we support through full implementation.

Key RSC service areas

  • Strategy development
  • Market research and technology studies
  • Product development strategy
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Procurement strategy
  • Merger and acquisition strategy development and support
  • Supplier qualification, selection, and management
  • Production and logistics efficiency and cost optimization
  • Strategic sourcing (for manufacturing and after-sales)
  • Manufacturing operations improvement
  • Complexity management (product and process)
  • High-value problem resolution and warranty reduction
  • Service and maintenance business optimization
  • Total cost of ownership assessment and reduction
  • Supplier management and integration
  • Product and service design optimization
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Rolling stock production cost optimization