Disruptive Technologies in M&A

Disruptive Technologies in M&A

RSC is at the forefront of disruptive technologies for our PE and M&A clients. If you are investing in tech, you deserve to work with the best.  

Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) looks at how companies can seize innovation-led growth by systematically mapping scenario planning, technology roadmaps and acquisition partnership screening, with a precise understanding on the impact analysis toward the future landscape of their industry. Quite literally, we bring the “tech” to technical due diligence and investing.

Disruptive technologies in M&A are rapidly dictating future growth strategies, altering pathways and positioning disrupted companies to become the disruptors. Disruptive technologies in M&A are considered to be strategic investments with defined focus on the new emergent and dominant technologies that will disrupt current business models and valuations. When properly executed, these deals yield the opportunity to deliver transformative business opportunities to the acquirer’s core business and redefine its future state. As the rate of innovation and emerging technologies exponentially accelerates, the ability to successfully undertake disruptive technologies in M&A will become critical to strategic execution and increasingly define companies’ agility and valuation to the market.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting delivers advanced technical reconnaissance, engineering and business acumen in the emergent and disruptive technology space to define the “who and why” which is vital to all organizations as well as the savvy investors seeking to be at the forefront of the technology play. 

Such investments and comprehensive technical understanding is imperative for organizations needing to pivot rapidly and in some cases leap frog their competition to unlock innovation and transform their given businesses with higher valuations. PE companies and organizations with traditional manufacturing processes and materials need to be keenly aware of future disruptive technologies, as many new emergent opportunities have the ability to make game-changing impacts for success and in other cases invoke havoc on perceived sustainability as well as market valuations with the portfolios they currently manage.

Ricardo’s M&A assessment shows activity will continue at an active pace in Q3 & Q4, extending the prolonged boom in deals that has resulted in more than $10 trillion in domestic transactions since 2013. Acquirers outside of the technology sector have overtaken technology sector players in M&A activity for innovation and technology businesses.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting is leveraging our deep technical acumen and industry experience along with our capabilities in artificial intelligence and novel data mining tools that enables our line of sight to emerging technologies, identifies the investment value chain, from sourcing deals, to monitoring portfolio companies, to assessing exit opportunities. Allow RSC to support your strategic investments to bridge your portfolio or technology gaps.

Explore how Ricardo Strategic Consulting puts the 'tech in technical due diligence' and can be your trusted partner as you navigate your portfolio investment or product line offerings.