AI technology and expert curation makes RiCK the ideal tool for effective research

AI technology and expert curation makes RiCK the ideal tool for effective research
13 January 2020

AI technology and expert curation makes RiCKTM the ideal tool for effective research

The launch of Ricardo’s new RiCKTM online research package provides a highly effective tool for objective, artificial intelligence driven, expert curated research – providing subscribers with trustworthy technical insights to guide more efficient and better-informed decision making
Benefiting from machine learning and under continuous development by Ricardo to expand the scope of data capture and processing of value-added information, RiCK is a highly advanced database and online research package, curated by subject matter experts and focussed on the international automotive, transport engineering and energy sectors. The package, which is being launched this week by Ricardo, enables subscribers to find trusted secondary sources and technical research content quickly and efficiently. Combining the latest in AI technology and sophisticated curation by Ricardo’s knowledge management team, the system is available in a range of packaged configurations in order to match the technical research requirements and budgets of subscribers.
At the core of the RiCK service is the database, which is continuously updated and refreshed with the latest research publications, and contains over 300,000 abstracted references from trusted sources, including industry-leading papers and articles from the automotive, transport engineering and energy sectors. RiCK abstracted content includes technical conference papers, journal articles, industry reports, white papers and press releases. Over 500 new entries are added and curated for the benefit of technical teams each month.
The RiCK news service provides tailored specialist news content, aggregated from over 80,000 news sources by artificial intelligence and expertly curated by Ricardo’s technical and information and knowledge management teams. This service is ideal for thought leadership and competitor analysis projects, allowing customers to keep up to date in specialist areas of technical expertise and endeavour.
Also available are a collection of technology roadmaps produced by Ricardo experts, which analyse and project the likely evolution of a range of technologies to 2030 and beyond. These roadmaps cover the broad future of mobility, including that of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and the role of automation and electrification.
In the higher service level packages, RiCK subscribers have access to trusted information specialists to assist more complex search requirements. The RiCK team combines years of research and insight experience in the use of Boolean, natural language and key word search techniques to help customers find the most appropriate, useful and actionable information.
“The launch of the Ricardo RiCK system provides customers with a highly effective package that can save time and improve the effectiveness of technical, market and competitor research within the international automotive, transport engineering and energy sectors,” commented Ricardo head of knowledge and technology strategy Angela Johnson. “This new database and package of associated information and research services uses AI technology to capture and process information from an extremely broad range of sources, and combines this with the technical knowledge of the company’s many subject matter experts, and the curation expertise of our knowledge management team. Available in a range of different service levels, I believe that RiCK will provide a highly valuable tool to help subscribers improve the effectiveness, efficiency and the speed of their research efforts.” 
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